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Paradise Post

Little Bit of Everything

Sunset over the shipwreck

Nothing but blue skies and open ocean


As I am abroad, I might as well post some of my photos from Australia! Recently returned from a trip to Heron Island -an incredible spot on the Great Barrier Reef with some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen..

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RuthAnn and Steve Got Married!

Picklebean Photography

I’m just starting out in this business, and I’ve been so incredibly lucky to be able to photograph such lovely families.

RuthAnn and Steve are no exception.  I was honored that they invited me to be part of their special day.  This is their story!

The flowers for the wedding were just lovely!  With an October wedding, the fall colors were just perfect!

DSC_9158 copy

Paperwork before the ceremony to make everything legal.

DSC_9172 copy

We started out with some portraits of the bride and groom and family.  Steve has 6 grown children, and RuthAnn has 2 grown daughters (who I went to high school with).

DSC_9212 copy


DSC_9211 copy


DSC_9216 copy

DSC_9187 copy

DSC_9223 copy

I just had to include this one because Steve’s face makes me smile!  Even my little boy commented on his wide eyes while I was editing photos.

DSC_9280 copy

DSC_9287 copy

The ceremony.

DSC_9344 copy

The vows.

DSC_9353 copy

DSC_9358 copy

Exchanging rings.

DSC_9364 copy

DSC_9368 copy

DSC_9374 copy

And we took some group shots outside.  The church was just a cute…

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Sucker for Sunsets… Nature is amazing and I need my dose daily

Hue Bliss: Color & Art notes by Karen Gillis Taylor

If you are a student of color, you will agree with the master painters that nature is the best teacher. I do. I live in a place where there is often a wonderful ten minutes of spectacular beauty every morning if you are lucky enough to be awake to see it. The American Southwest. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, the Four Corners states as they are called (because they are the only 4 states in the union that meet exactly at one geographical place, all four corners meeting there.) For this experience of learning from nature’s skies, you need a sunny environment and open space. Bing! That is here, and it’s big in my life.

I started making photos of sunrises/sunsets many years ago when we lived on a pond in North Boulder. Easy access, a good (film) camera, and just wanting to capture what I knew was…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite (Hosta Flower)

Points of View

Hosta Flower Infinity

The Weekly photo challenge is “Infinite.” The flower in this digital composition is a Hosta flower. Hostas are often called the perfect perennial. They come in a nice range of colors and sizes. Some are a single color and some are multi-colored. Some have flat leaves while others have variegated leaves. Some flower and some do not. Those that bloom do so between June and October; their flowers have a range of colors and fragrances.  Obviously Hostas are a very versatile plants. This particular Hosta was blooming in early October in our backyard. While the Hosta bloom was lovely and had an identical shape to the one here. the flower that reaches out so invitingly was originally white and had a softer surface texture before this composition began. Hostas have a well-deserved reputation for being easy to propagate and the flower of a Hosta seemed like a natural candidate to be the featured element of…

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Mirror Mirror (Not) on the Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall – or not! We have a natural fascination towards reflective surfaces and reflections. Simply look at the way a baby interacts with her mirror reflection, initially mistaking it as a play mate and within months developing the realisation that it is indeed a reflection of herself, and may the fun begin. Our fondness of our own image is also the reason why reflective surfaces are often used both outside and inside elevators, so that we have got something to do while being idly, waiting! For this week, I’d like to share some cool mirror art with you. Hope you’d share the same admiration that I have on the interesting effects that these artists’ use of reflective surfaces create.

Mirror 1

Follow Me by Jeppe Hein

Mirror 2

by Anish Kapoor

Mirror 3

Vestige Installation by Rob Mulholland

Mirror 4

Tolaga Bay New Zealand, by Maslen & Mehra

Mirror 5

Restructure by Harumi Yukutake

Mirror 6

Curves for…

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Make Something: Wind

Beth Nyland

For day 164 of 365: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life, Noah Scalin’s suggestion is to “use the wind.”

In this irreverent household, every family member I consulted suggested that I work with flatulence in some way. Yes, I am adventurous and innovative. But really … how would I share that sort of work via my blog?

So I’m defaulting to haiku and sensory memories from this year’s life-changing vacation.

Hood River breezes
move windsurfers’ sails, blowing
new hope in my life


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