Talking is a martial art, or, how to write dialogue that doesn’t suck

Grumbly Quill

Last week Tim Leach, Author of the historical novel ‘The Last King of Lydia’, shared his thoroughly fascinating understanding of dialogue on Reddit.

“Dialogue seems to be one of the areas where developing writers consistently struggle, even if they are strong in other aspects of the craft, and I see it mentioned quite regularly on the sub.

I’m a professional author and I write pretty talky books, and so thought I’d share a few principles I try to keep in mind when writing dialogue.

Give dialogue its due

In my novels, I treat dialogue scenes like a kung fu film maker treats his fight scenes – with the greatest craft and care, because I know that they are the main reason my reader has come along for the ride. Not to hear me lecture on my brilliant personal philosophy, or write purple prose descriptions of faraway lands. More than anything…

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Autumn Colour

Candid Impressions

Autumn 6.11

Right now we are clothed in the warmth of Summer. I’m just conscious that many of my blogging friends in the Northern Hemisphere are clothed in Autumn, for American friends, Fall. So, in solidarity with all in the North, I’ve posted this image of Autumn which I took in London last year. Happy Fall to you all.

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Complicated simplicity

Standing Ovation, Seated

We often know what we love, but we find it difficult to rationalise why we love it. We usually defend our feeling by saying that LOVE doesn’t take off because of a reason, but rather in defiance of it. And this is where I come in and ruin the magic (I actually don’t).

In my previous post, I asked readers to say which of the five autumn landscapes painted by Russia’s best artists resonated with them most. We have two clear “winners”: Levitan and Brodsky. I promised to take you on a journey through these paintings, and this is the first installment, in which we will cover Levitan’s Golden Autumn.

This landscape is the most popular icon of autumn in Russia. It is reproduced as often as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, 11 to 13 year olds write essays at school about it, poets reference it in their poems, writers…

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When Birds Come To Roost ‘Ere

Spirit Lights The Way

Yesterday on the back deck, in the span of 60 seconds, I saw a pelican fly overhead, then another pelican, then 2 great white egrets, followed by a roseate spoonbill.

I didn’t have my camera handy, so you’ll have to take my word for it.  But here’s a pelican from a previous expedition.


This morning, I saw a great blue heron fishing on the opposite bank, along side a white egret and 2 ibis.

Again, no camera.  But here’s a previous visitor to our deck, or perhaps the same one at a different time.


I also saw a number of vultures swooping and soaring over the lagoon.  Their wings have a tell-tale WHOOSH that I recognize without even looking up.

The vultures reminded me of this naughty joke:  The Farmer’s Cock.  Enjoy!


Aah . . . that’s better!

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walmart black friday 2013

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The world’s largest retailer Walmart is celebrating the most grand fourth quarter ever along with the event of black Friday, this 2013. Not only has the retailer promised its investors on the alarming increasing of market share more than 50%, but has also announced special deals and discounts at its retail stores for its customers.
Walmart black Friday 2013 would be celebrated in a grand fashion and people would find an enormous collection of Christmas gifts and black Friday specials. Walmart black Friday 2013 deals are made available on almost all stuff that people would anticipate this year and the store has selected few popular items that are sure to please everybody on their list.

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Day Meme

Be like tree:
Focus on who
you are,
not who you
are not,
on what
you have,
not what you
have not,
on where you
are now,
not where
you were,
imagine where you
are going,
not where you
could be.
Stand in the
light and
a beacon
for others
to see.

BB photo by Quentin

BB photo by Quentin

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October 11th, 2013

The Adventures of Sawyer

11Oct3Really? It’s Friday? Happy Weekend!

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