Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite (Hosta Flower)

Points of View

Hosta Flower Infinity

The Weekly photo challenge is “Infinite.” The flower in this digital composition is a Hosta flower. Hostas are often called the perfect perennial. They come in a nice range of colors and sizes. Some are a single color and some are multi-colored. Some have flat leaves while others have variegated leaves. Some flower and some do not. Those that bloom do so between June and October; their flowers have a range of colors and fragrances.  Obviously Hostas are a very versatile plants. This particular Hosta was blooming in early October in our backyard. While the Hosta bloom was lovely and had an identical shape to the one here. the flower that reaches out so invitingly was originally white and had a softer surface texture before this composition began. Hostas have a well-deserved reputation for being easy to propagate and the flower of a Hosta seemed like a natural candidate to be the featured element of…

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