Sucker for Sunsets… Nature is amazing and I need my dose daily

Hue Bliss: Color & Art notes by Karen Gillis Taylor

If you are a student of color, you will agree with the master painters that nature is the best teacher. I do. I live in a place where there is often a wonderful ten minutes of spectacular beauty every morning if you are lucky enough to be awake to see it. The American Southwest. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, the Four Corners states as they are called (because they are the only 4 states in the union that meet exactly at one geographical place, all four corners meeting there.) For this experience of learning from nature’s skies, you need a sunny environment and open space. Bing! That is here, and it’s big in my life.

I started making photos of sunrises/sunsets many years ago when we lived on a pond in North Boulder. Easy access, a good (film) camera, and just wanting to capture what I knew was…

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