RuthAnn and Steve Got Married!

Picklebean Photography

I’m just starting out in this business, and I’ve been so incredibly lucky to be able to photograph such lovely families.

RuthAnn and Steve are no exception.  I was honored that they invited me to be part of their special day.  This is their story!

The flowers for the wedding were just lovely!  With an October wedding, the fall colors were just perfect!

DSC_9158 copy

Paperwork before the ceremony to make everything legal.

DSC_9172 copy

We started out with some portraits of the bride and groom and family.  Steve has 6 grown children, and RuthAnn has 2 grown daughters (who I went to high school with).

DSC_9212 copy


DSC_9211 copy


DSC_9216 copy

DSC_9187 copy

DSC_9223 copy

I just had to include this one because Steve’s face makes me smile!  Even my little boy commented on his wide eyes while I was editing photos.

DSC_9280 copy

DSC_9287 copy

The ceremony.

DSC_9344 copy

The vows.

DSC_9353 copy

DSC_9358 copy

Exchanging rings.

DSC_9364 copy

DSC_9368 copy

DSC_9374 copy

And we took some group shots outside.  The church was just a cute…

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