Graceful wings


Turkey Valture 08

Turkey Vultures that were flying over the woods I was walking through in the Town of Dickinson just north of Johnson City NY. I love the way they gracefully fly through the ski on those big wings. It looks so easy for them to do so. No the most prettiest bird I get images but it has it’s place in nature.

Turkey Valture 12

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Thorny Situation

Crowded air space at the beach


royal tern 12

Royal Terns and Heermann’s Gulls taking off as my boys approached them on the shore line at State Beach Ventura, California.

shorebirds 05 Ojai

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Albelack Road: Part 4

Terrin Jarrell



A drop of water hit her face and when she wiped it with the back of her hand, it was not rain water but red. Pure dark and dangerously familiar looking. It was blood. She wiped it off on her shirt but it was stained against the porcelain white of her skin. She watched in horror as the black blood spread, going up her arms, her chest, her neck. She tasted the copper mixture on her tongue and she gagged but she trudged forward.  “His blood is good, Jade.” She dared not look back. She knew if she did, she would go insane. Ahead through the fog she could see red. The red hotel matches’ standing out inside the fog and instead of peddles from the road, they lay upon piles of bones. One, two, four more packets of Newton Hotel matches lined every few steps she took. They…

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Garden Chiaroscuro


I spent a few rewarding hours in my local botanical garden the other day.  Famous for rain, Seattle was clear and sunny;  the angled October light cast deep shadows on the brilliant stained glass colors of fall.

The back of this Dahlia was as joyfully pretty as the front.

A mushroom – looks like an Amanita – hid behind a fern frond.

We’ve had a lot of sun, but as always we are VERY mushroom-y here in the Pacific northwest!

The season’s last roses are so sweet – this one is a climber with a fruity scent and perfectly round blooms, some of which dropped prematurely onto the ground below, scattering lovely pastel petals.


Oh, the complexity of fall color!

Grasses go to seed in shimmering drifts.

Hydrangeas were beginning to brown. With the color removed from the petals, the structure is revealed beautifully.

In contrast to the orderly structure…

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Blue Tips

nature has no boss

Blue Tips

A bit of blue still lingering as snows have come and gone this fall. The beauty of the summer flowers dressed in fall colors never ceases to delight the eyes. Photographed near Crested Butte, CO several weeks ago.

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Hi, Life sucks. (not all the time) But ya people change, life changes and not always what we think is for the better. And certainly right now it hurts more than hell. To wake up one day and tell yourself well if your best friend doesn’t even like you, and she’s the one who is supposed to love you practically the most then maybe nobody really likes you at all. This feeling makes you sick to your stomach, it makes it’s hard to hold back tears that are practically bursting from your eyes, and it makes you feel lonely. I once told my best friend, “I don want you to ever feel lonely not when I’m around.” But it’s hard to realize that my feelings and actions were never really reciprocated from Tyler. image with one last gift and attempt I’ll try but my biggest attempt should really be for myself…

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Master Ninja Ari


When we were kids, life was simple, thoughts were rich,
We created and learned more, we had an itch.

Life then, live now…


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